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Thread: What are red tickets for in the patch notes?

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    What are red tickets for in the patch notes?

    Thx in advance, would like to know!

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    Really mysterious actually, I assume it would be related to the next big update for Maplestory which was named RED in KMS. Though I don't recall these tickets in the RED Update in KMS.

    On Southperry, they have extractions of new content in the game, like new items, monsters, etc. The description of the Red Ticket is

    If you look at the ticket REAL CLOSE, there is a message that says, " 3 will get you 30, 4 to 6 will get you 50, 7 to 9 will get you 80, 10 will get you a 100."

    It seems like it would be best to keep them.

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    ok thx

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    could be a way to lvl the new character

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    Quote Originally Posted by OmgIsuchanoob View Post
    Thx in advance, would like to know!
    im gonna bet that the tickets convert to coins that u can use in teh red update. i think kms had soemthing like that

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    It is i think, i also heard from some people that Zero starts at 100 o.o but im assuming that it was cuz of the red cards

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    lol I have heard it is something related to black friday event, but i may be very wrong o-o

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    Guess it's a mystery.

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    If you had taken the time to read the ticket it clearly states you trade them in for coins

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    4 to 6 get you 50 is silly since why would you use 5 or 6 tickets when you can get the same with only 4? same go for 7 to 9 get you 80. tickets are tradeable lol.

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