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    I know I already posted this on the General forum, but I would really appreciate if nexon noticed this:
    Dear Nexon, as you might know, ***ast is a tunneling program that is used to reduce lag. My internet connection is very bad, because of that I lag so much it is almost unplayable. I survived some years with that lag, even though I would die every 2 seconds and wasnt able to seriously do any dungeons in the game. I remeber a while ago, like in g8, when ***ast was working perfectly and I was very happy playing with little lag. Then one day on a maintainance you people blocked ***ast. Everytime I try to log in with it, it is spotted as a hacking tool. I dont know why you did this, nexon, but it made me very unhappy. So this post is a request, for you to unblock ***ast so I can play lagless again. I have tried disabling nagle, doing MTU, TCPoptimizer, everythign, but none were as good as ***ast. I already heard from a lot other people that they loved using this tool. I already tried to upgrade my internet, they say they dont have a better one for my area. I`m very sorry for taking time from you by reading this, and I know you have bigger things to take care of, but I also know enabling such a thing won`t take more than 10 minutes. Thank you for your time.
    Sabina please show this to nexon`s employees. Thank you

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    Direct Answer- Iobit Game Booster

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    Yea there is Iobit Game Booster which helps a lot and there is also Smart Defrag from Iobit too which might help with the the lag. There's also something called CCleaner but it really depends on what is causing your lag. On the iobit site there are many programs in which you can use to your benefit just find the one that is right for you ..

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