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Thread: Unable to create d3d device??

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    Unable to create d3d device??

    I can't run nest after I reinstalled window recently.
    It says "Unable to create d3d device. Please install latest video card driver."
    I've installed the latest version of DirectX.

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    Same problem.... It has worked great for forever.... didn't change anything and suddenly I get this d3d error

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    DirectX is not a video card driver...

    Go to start, all programs, accessories, run, then type in "dxdiag," go to the display tab, look at the name of your graphic card, then google "name of graphic card drivers". Should be one of the first few links.

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    I did update my video card same problem (claims to be updated already) I'll try your process but it doesn't seem to want to help

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    i can't get into the game either, and it says the SAME thing......

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    I got mine to work in window mode... try that

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    yea same thing my driver is updated everything is updated and it says this dont know why last time it did this I didnt do anything and the next day I could play fine

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