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Thread: Download, Patch, and Installation Troubleshooting

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    Exclamation Download, Patch, and Installation Troubleshooting

    NGM Download stops halfway.

    An error occurred during installation. Please try again.
    This is the result of a corrupted download. Please make sure that the download clients full without any interruptions. The file size should be close to the size noted, and the MD5 matches what's shown below.
    File size: 2,474,443
    MD5 Checksum: A2402DE7EE249CE4757B11DB54D25991

    Launcher Issues
    Client Data Error, please reinstall client. | Nexon Passport Not Valid

    Uninstall then reinstall. If it doesn't work, please apply the same steps but use a fresh new download of the latest client available.

    For Nexon Passport Not Valid, ensure your nmconew.dll and nmcogame.dll are up to date. This can be resolved with a fresh installation.

    Launcher Initialization Failed

    There could be various reasons to this.

    Solution: Run the game using DNLauncher.exe.

    Location: C Drive -> Nexon -> DragonNest -> DNLauncher.exe

    Ensure that any applications that may invoke limitations to the Dragon Nest client are disabled.

    These could be one out of many things such as:
    Windows Firewall, antivirus, network-related applications and hardware settings, administrator priveleges, folder permissions, etc.

    Error Code -40:
    Here is a website with helpful information about how to solve the Error Code -40 issue
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    On Guild Rank Issue

    The devs have confirmed with us that this is not a bug. The total points for leveling up a guild has been adjusted in addition to the new Guild System features in this update. This also affects Glevel of guilds which needed to be converted (or scaled as some people say) to work with changes.

    Of course, to ease towards this change, they've made it so guilds retain their reward purchasing ability based on their previous guild level.
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