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Thread: Error code 51 : Purchasing NX

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    Error code 51 : Purchasing NX

    So the 2x exp event is coming up and I want to buy 4 hours dub exp to double the double exp and guess what?
    Nexon apparently hates money because I've been getting error trying to buy NX from them all my maplestory life.
    Now that they have fixed the forums I am turning to you guys. Is there a way I can purchase NX with my credit card?

    Someone help me with this error 51 crap please.

    Things I've tried : firefox chrome and the dreaded IE

    I get the same error code from everything I try. I'm trying to purchase with a mastercard if that matters.

    I chose credit card
    then 5 dollars
    then i get the error

    In that order. Someone please explain this to me much appreciation.

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    this means your account is flagged, (banned from billing) like mine.

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