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Thread: Vindictus Hackshield

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    Angry Vindictus Hackshield

    I have never even been able to start the game a single time I was always really excited to play it.I tried a while ago when it was newer and the same thing happened as now, i tried again because it came out on steam and i thought i would have better luck but no.
    Here are screenshots of what happen: <---- that is how far it loads before crashing and saying:

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    this is all that is in my vindictus folder btw:

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    While I can't see your photos in that form, I used to have a frequent issue with hackshield starting to load then a white box would come up with an error and take me to a page to report the issue, but it wouldn't let me on.

    After much frustration, and a computer tech who couldn't fix it I deleted the hackshield update info from my vindictus folder. It "re-installed" itself when I started the game next ad I've never gotten that notification again.

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