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Thread: Blue Mushroom Spore Powder

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    Question Blue Mushroom Spore Powder

    Hi everyone!

    So, since I am a mega-noob I have run into a problem that is probably not a problem...

    I am on the quest "Living Forest" that you get from Bruce in Henesys. The quest seems pretty simple, all you have to do is go get 3 "Blue Mushroom Spore Powder" and give it to Pia. It seems easy enough. So I head toward the Blue Mushroom Forest and start to hunt. This is when I run into trouble... I litterally hunted for this spore powder for about an 1 1/2 hours... Grinding up 2 and 1/2 levels... And I have only got 1 spore...

    My question is this: Is this normal? Do you suppose this is some sort of glitch? Should I go somewhere else with more Blue Mushrooms?

    I am really lost and any incite you could give me on this would really help me. Thank you!


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    why are you even doing lvl 10 quests

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    Im sure you have to hunt Blue Mushmoms in order to get those spores. I remember killing blue mushmoms for them o.o..

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    You need to hunt the Mushmoms, not the Mushrooms
    There's a portal to the right on the Blue Mushroom map that'll take you to the Mushmom. Once you kill it you gotta wait a few hours (I think) for it to respawn. The quest is doable, don't worry!

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