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Thread: Trouble with [Nova Laboratory] Music Discovery

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    Trouble with [Nova Laboratory] Music Discovery

    So I am relatively new to the game, and I have gotten my Kaiser to level 40, and I am playing out this quest.
    So far I have collected the Latest Hits Compilations and the Greatest Oldies, but I am unable to figure out how to get to the other levels of the Kerning Square so that I can get the rest of the required things.
    Help is greatly appreciated as I am very new to this game and very lost and confused!

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    Talk to June on the top-left of the very top floor of Kerning Square. It's easier to access the VIP area while you're doing the quests for Blake's Dream. Make sure you're not in a party and enter the portal. The Spirit of Rock is in the portal furthest to the left of the mini-dungeon.

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    How do I start Blake's Dream?

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    You don't have to start it, you can just go up, talk to June, and say "I am helping Blake, etc. etc." and kill the monsters in there.

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    I am really new, sorry T__T

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    You do have to have the Blake's Dream questline active to use the "I'm helping Blake" option. To start the Blake's Dream questline you should get a quest prompt lightbulb on the left side of your screen from one of the construction workers. You may have already activated it. Blake is the NPC in the Kerning Square subway.

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