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Thread: Base.wz

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    When I try to patch manually the patcher gets stuck at creating Base.wz. How do I stop this and what does it mean?

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    problems patching

    My maplestor doesnt work anymore, when patching today, it said base.wz file is corrupt and my dragon nest says that the client versions do not match.... ***..

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    So who else got stuck at the creating base.wz?

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    Me xP
    Tried everything, deleting the temp folders, restarting, deleting the base.wz, restarting. I think I might just uninstall and reinstall

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    Angry stuck at 3/3 base.wz

    just stuck at 3/3 base.wz
    i tried to redownload the client 3 times and install it.
    i tried to instal the patcher from the web, dosent work.

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    Red face PATCH stuck on BASE.WZ

    i turned off my anti virus and everything. im still stuck on base.wz, i reinstalled the game like 5 times. I honestly dont know what to do! PLEASE HELP ME! btw i want to restart maple after 5 years.

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    Maplestory Patching Stuck at Base.wz

    so i tried to install maplestory again. I uninstalled maplestory like 5 times and re-download it. It's still stuck at base.wz. I don't know why but it won't patch properly. Everytime i press "play" it says you haven't updated maplestory to new client, but i downloaded the game client from the download section. Everytime i re-download same thing pops up so can any maplestory user/admin please help?

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    ME TOO!no one is helping me or anything. I'm literally rage quitting!

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    I too am experiencing this. Even the Manual Patcher doesn't help.

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    happened to me too but it seemed to solve it when i moved it out of the C:\Nexon folder to somewhere like my desktop and then tried to patch with the ONLINE patcher, only then did it work. Also don't forget to launch as Administrator

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