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Thread: Account Authentication Has Failed. Error

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    Account Authentication Has Failed. Error

    Hi guys,
    First of all I'm new here and everything.
    I downloaded Invictus, Installed and Patched. Created an account then Verified the account. But, when I login using my account information. It says * Account Authentication Has Failed. Please try again after logging in through the website.

    and what countries can be played by this game?
    Hoping for a quick response. Thank You.

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    Same problem TO ME *** this update will resolved it?

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    Just a Server Glitch, people have gotten kicked from server. Try closing the game and restarting. Enjoy

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    "Please try again after logging in through the website"

    This means you have downloaded the US, Canada, Mexico and Australia version but you do not live in the US. Canada, Mexico or Australia.

    Vindictus is also available in the regions below but you have to download a different version.

    Google the version that corresponds with the country in which you live:

    vindictusEU for Europe
    vindictusCN for China
    vindictusKR for Korea
    mabinogiheroes for Japan

    If you do not live in one of these regions, you cannot play vindictus at this time.

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