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Thread: can not log in

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    can not log in

    I can not log in after i enter the password. is there any other have the same problem?

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    Nov 2012
    Well, I was online.. it crashed for me shortly after the event started at 5pm. I am having issues reconnecting as well. I would say just give it a second, if it is maintenance, they will post something shortly on the home page. If not, it should be resolved soon.

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    I'm having that problem too. I keep getting a message about the response from the server being delayed.

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    I'm having issues with logging in on all the servers, be it east or west. I couldn't log into east since yesterday and today after I get back from work, I can't log into the west or east server. Are all the servers down? O^O

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    unscheduled unannounced maintenance. check main page now.

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