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Thread: Maplestory some classes are locked as of March 3. 2013

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    Unlocking Classes


    How long do we typically have to wait for Nexon to unlock a class? I got randomly banned for a month, but now I'm back, I can't make a Kaiser anymore. Thanks.

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    When will Kaiser return for creation?

    As title says, approximately when will I be able to create a Kaiser again?

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    special events character availability...

    Guys just wondering when special characters such as Kaiser, demon slayer , dual blade, etc are going to be available. Last year they closed down Dual blade and demon slayer, but it is still unavailable. I ask this cause i wanna play kaiser so bad T_T

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    Just smile and wait. Smile and wait.

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    Post When will you Be able to create a Dual Blade again.

    Im asking this question because I want to make a Dual blade but i missed my chance to make one so i would like to know when Dual blades come back.

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    luminous availability?

    when can we expect the return of the luminous class?

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    hah! Anyone notice that xenon is an Anagram for Nexon? It took me like 6 years to realize "neo" was an anagram for "one" after the Matrix came out

    On another note, I am one of those people who have played off and on. I just lucked out to come back during the Luminous / Kaiser / Angelic Buster events and then they opened up all the classes for a while.

    I think if you stick around or just check in on the news every once in a while, you can see when they open up the classes again.

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    When will Kaisers be back?

    This is a fairly new account that I made and I was unable to create Kaisers when they were last available. I see Dual Bladers, Mihiles, Cannoneers, and Demon Slayers are up for creation with the Hyper Evolution patch and I was just wondering when Kaisers will be up for creation?

    Really want to make one :<

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    Question for nexon!

    Could you make Jett's be able for creation on the 3rd???? I really want to make one bad!!!!! I missed my chance to make one because i didn't have enough slots!! F4!!

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    And I want all classes to be unlocked, especially Kaiser. But doubt Nexon will listen to just us.

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