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Thread: Error code = -46 what i do??????

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    Angry Error code = -46 what i do??????

    Error code -46

    I download the vindictus 3 times. All the time when i tried to install the game, "An error occurred during installation. Please try again"...."[ERROR CODE = -46] installation file is corrupt and cannot install the game".

    1 "C: drive and find the nexon folder. Go in it and delete the vindictus folder." I dont have this folder.

    2 "restart your computer." I do that.

    3 " download a new setup. Do not use the old one it could be corrupt." I have 3 vindictus setup

    4 "make sure that you are allowing Nexon through your firewall." I disable my Anti-Virus and the Firewall and is still the same.

    5 "NGM utilizes temporary folders during installation and patching. There may be an unknown conflict. Clear your temporary internet files for Internet Explorer, re-boot your PC, and try installing again." i do that and dont fix it.

    6"Check the computer specifications to ensure that the system you'll use to play is suitable to run the game. " No problem, My computer is suitable to run the game.

    7 "Make this donwload: NexonGameManager" change Nothing

    [04/15 10:50:12] Install Start
    [04/15 10:50:12] User Temp Directory : C:\Users\TABAJARA\AppData\Local\Temp
    [04/15 10:50:12] Use CRC : true
    [04/15 10:50:12] File Name : C:\Users\TABAJARA\Downloads\VindictusSetupV166.exe
    [04/15 10:50:12] Game Code : 33562635
    [04/15 10:50:13] File information mismatch: 0, -2147481601, -109294392
    [04/15 10:50:13] ErrCode : 15000 - 206 - 0

    ANY IDEAS????????? BECAUSE I DONT HAVE ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    -Use 7zip to open the setup
    -Extract everything, except hfs folder
    -Extract hfs
    -Delete CurrentInfo.txt
    -Install NGM if you dont have and make it read-only
    -Clear temporary file and restart the computer
    -Lauch Vindictus.exe to run auto-fix and patch the game
    It worked for me here but due to some broken file hfs may extract as good file, it will cause trouble someday so just delete CurrentInfo.txt everytime you start the game to fix it completely
    Have fun

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    Try running it as admin.

    Your windows installer may have an issue with it.

    Lastly you do live in the US, Canada, Australia or Mexico yes?

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    I have the same problem now im downloading a new setup i will try to open it has admin but i have to ask can i play from Venezuela ?

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    If you download this version and you get the message "please try again after logging in through the website" or it will not let you download and you keep getting the error then no, you cannot play from venezuela.

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