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Thread: Keep getting disconnected from world

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    Question Keep getting disconnected from world

    IM playing on eastcoast...when i start up Dragon Nest I start to lag at the intro and wait a while to choose world...every time i try to choose my character and enter in my 2nd password, I will be lucky if i get to the Loading Screen...and if i do I get Disconnected from the world and then the game period.. its so annoying, can anyone help me please!

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    Has this happened since you started playing DN? I have the same issue on my laptop because it can't handle the game, but I don't know what you're running.

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    Something similar keeps happening to me. Except everything works normal all the way until the point where I go to leave town then the message "you have been disconnected from the world" appear and its happened to me three times in a row now no matter which exit I take to leave town wether im in a party or not the same thing happens. My computer has been running this game great and its rand new only about a month and half old. I havent had this promblem before but today when I left my grinding party and tried to leave town to tun in my quest I was disconnect. It has kept happening to me since then and Im so frustrated. My Paldian was close to leveling to 24 when it happened

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