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Thread: Mail with Claimed Attachments causes Runtime Error when opened.

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    Mail with Claimed Attachments causes Runtime Error when opened.

    When you receive mail with attached items, claim the items, and then attempt to open the mail again, the game gives a Runtime Error and quits. This doesn't happen if you open the mail and then claim the items, only when you open a mail with previously claimed items.

    Steps to reproduce:
    1) Receive mail with attached items.
    2) Claim items from that mail, either from inside the letter or with the quick-accept button in the inbox. Exit the mail if needed.
    3) Attempt to open that mail.
    4) Notice fatal Runtime Error.

    Additional notes:
    Using Steam client on Windows XP.

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    Age old problem which nexon apparently doesn't give a dam about. All they want is our money +best

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    I lost all my gear that I was transferring to an alt character.
    After I got it in the mail, I got the crash every time I tried to open it.
    3 days later the mail disappeared, along with my items..

    Has been going on since the 1st and not a single solution has been offered..

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    Affects all items except Enchant Scrolls.

    So you still can see what is being CoD to you.

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    Im also getting this problem, and its really annoying because it effects mail at random, sometimes I can retrieve items, sometimes I cant.

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    Bump bump, Nexon fix fix and give me my disappeared items back! :C

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    Sent in 2 tickets on this issue. They have closed both tickets with no response or solution whatsoever. Proof that Nexon doesn't give a ****.

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