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Thread: Curbock in the grass

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    Curbock in the grass

    For some reason, with DA, Curbock is extremely hard. I'm constantly hitting 1s and misses, with nothing else. Even crits are 1s
    Does anyone know why this is? I need to finish that quest to level up.

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    Is this the first or second Curbock quest? In the first quest, you're supposed to just leave the map after entering. The second quest is the one you need to kill. I was able to kill it using the double slash skill.

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    Wait what do you get for killing him before level 30 (first time?)

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    You can not defeat him the first since you'll always hit 1s on him and a 1 minute timer. You get a badge after escaping first time. Second time you can beat him and its a 30 minute timer. If you're level 30 you can defeat him second time.

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