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Thread: The Revival of MapleStory

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    The Revival of MapleStory

    The following is a suggestion to Nexon in an attempt to revive the social aspect of this game.
    Why am I making this now, and not earlier? Because with the recent edition of Aurtax to the team, whom seems to interact more with the community I feel as if there is a chance for change to occur.
    As the game has grown the community has been visibly worse than previously. This was caused for various reasons, and I have witnessed it getting worse.

    The overall problem is the game is too easy and repetitive; sure it was repetitive all along however people would stick to their characters for years at a time to reach end game content and admire the general uniqueness of the class. When I first started I chose to become an Assassin, hoping to one day become a Hermit and then Night Lord when 4th Job was released. Training was repetitive, but leveling and damage was not the core focus of the game. People would be a lot more sociable and participate in quests, most notably party quests. Party quests were at their prime before Big Bang, around 2006-2008. it was the most viable training option and also provided players with opportunities to meet new people. The rewards which KPQ provided weren’t great but at the time were considered more than sufficient. The gap between funded and non-funded wasn’t near as huge as it is today, and the non-funded could become just as funded with hard work- as apposed to todays method of using your credit card.

    Exploration was once a major part of the MapleStory experience, and since the removal of the majority of the maps this has occurred much less often. Venturing into ant tunnel with friends where it was dangerous was an adventure which usually ended up losing or gaining a chunk of exp.
    The old layout of maps in the game should be brought back. The old maps were extremely large, and scattered with hidden streets [which were actually hidden]. These maps brought a sense of exploration, and uniqueness to the game. Also, these maps looked amazing, and would most likely leave a much better impression to those newcomers.

    Today the maps are linear and straightforward, 'noob friendly' would be an accurate description.

    But these maps would be useless today; you may say. That’s true. A map full of level 10 mushrooms will be of no use to the majority of the population now, and that’s where the monster reorganisation comes in. Henesys hunting ground was once a place to train from 1-25. This was great in those times as levelling was much slower. There was also pig beach, which was another great training spot. The maps around towns were scattered with low level monsters, but were also great for training. Once big bang came these monsters which were inside of these maps remained, and did not properly adjust to the new EXP curve. These monsters should be adjusted to again make training on them efficient, as now they are just wasted.
    An example being Henesys. By doing the following, this would make Henesys an efficient training map up to level 8x.

    By adjusting these monsters levels it will make training on them efficient once again. This would also give people a reason to train in the other maps.
    Perion, Kerning City, Nautilius and Ellinia could all have their respective monster levels adjusted as such, making them all viable training areas.
    An idea that could be implemented is that if you train in your classes town you receive an exp bonus of say, 15% while training. So a Magician would receive 15% more training in Ellinia. This would further encourage players to explore and utilise the many maps available to them.

    Mini bosses should also be changed to make them as they once were, and require social interaction through teamwork to conquer them. This would require buffing them considerably in level and with more HP and DEF.
    Buffing Henesys mobs covers earlier levels, but how about the many others on the journey to 250? It is known that there is currently not much end game content. What should be done is the ‘ghost towns’ should receive a revamp as Singapore and Ulu City did in the Unleashed patch.
    Ideally these maps should all be viable training spots, not one place significantly better than the other; see NLC aliens.
    Monsters should all be balanced and spread out efficiently. Extremely rough example:
    Place: Level range
    Starter towns: 1-50/85
    Orbis: 50-80 (this covers the tower and cloud parks)
    Ludibrium: 80-130
    Aqua road: 130-150
    Singapore/Ulu City: 150-180
    El nath: 180-210
    Omega sector: 210-220
    Leafre, Mu Lung, Ariant, Magatia Etc. would all be included.

    This would not only revive dead towns and the old maps they once had, but enforce the free to play model as an alternative to Stronghold and Twilight Perion, which generally favour those who are funded.

    However, grinding is only a small aspect of socialising in the game. The community was focused at one point in party quests. This leads to a PQ reorganisation.

    Why PQ when grinding is faster? The key to getting people to want to do them is of course make the EXP and item rewards favourable once again. A buff to the rewards of the party quest would offer an incentive to all.

    Party quests need to be completely overhauled. The exp curve cannot be undone, so mould the game around it. Kerning PQ was useful level 21-30 back then, so adjust it for post big bang times. An example for PQ levels:
    Henesys PQ: levels 30-50
    Kerning PQ: levels 50-70
    Ludi PQ: levels 70-100
    Orbis PQ: levels 100-120
    Make the exp for PQs comparably better than grinding. People have to WANT to PQ. With the addition of the world merger [mentioned later on], servers should be full at all times and party questing can once again be participated at all times. Heck, even adjust the rewards, how about a bamboo hat with comparable stats as a Zakum helm?
    But party quests are dead nowadays, nobody does them. This is where the next solution comes in, a much larger scale world merger. In the days of PQs being the norm, the population of the game was much larger. This may have been due to the lesser amount of servers, but if you wanted to PQ in the middle of the night you would have been able to without any trouble [if you had track, of course.]

    I analysed the maximum people online today [5th October 2013] and it was 11276 people, and that is the peak. The only viable option as of now would be to merge servers.
    Scania 2458
    Bera 1561
    Broa 1127
    Windia 1710
    Khaini 594
    Bellonova 901
    Cmyk 1091
    Gazed 1158
    Renegades 676
    3359 Scania Bellonova
    3412 Broa GAZED Bera
    3395 CMYK Khaini Windia
    Renegades [?]

    This is only a mock-up; it may need even more of a merge however this would ensure that there is a steady amount of players online at most times, meaning finding a party should be no issue.

    Transportation within the game:
    Another social aspect of the game back then was definitely the ship to Orbis. Everyone who played back then will remember the danger of those Crimson Balrogs, and if not fighting them hiding inside the cabin and socialising with the many others in there.
    Now, there are so many options for transportation that barely anybody ever rides the traditional ship. Now it’s all about riding the rented planes. This really killed the social aspect of traveling in the game, and although unlikely to happen I believe that if all other modes of transportation between continents other than the Orbis ship were to be removed it would essentially force the community to be more involved with each other.

    Quick move, why was this ever even implemented? Sure, it’s quite useful to save a few seconds but it really takes the fun out of walking around town and interacting with others.

    Dimensional mirror, I still remember when this was first implemented. Remember when people had to actually travel to places to participate in party quests? When people would encounter others while traveling to their destination? The dimensional mirror has really hindered the travelling/exploration aspect of the game to the point where it is probably a huge factor to why most towns are ‘ghost’ towns. If the dimensional mirror were to remove the party quest room it would make people have to go to Kerning City to do KPQ. It would make people travel to Orbis to PQ. People would have to go to the 101st floor in Ludibrium to participate in LPQ. And if people are forced to travel to get to a PQ, and the PQ is better than grinding, and the only way to reach Ludibrium is by the Orbis ship, people will be forced to encounter each other and make more friends.

    Other ideas:
    Game room
    The current game room is:
    - Rarely ever used
    - Essentially pointless
    This could be fixed, and would bring the whole MapleStory community together. Make it connected to all worlds, you’re not able to drop or trade any items but able to play Omok and card games. The room is certainly big enough to handle all the servers and Omok and I could see it becoming a real ‘games room’.

    Guild revamp
    Guilds should have to be made as they use to, with 6 people and a more pricey fee to ensure there is not an influx of people making guilds with no intention of building it up. The player limit should be increased to 250-500. Guilds should play a more important role in your Mapling experience. Possibly when training with a guildy you’re presented with a small party play bonus. Guild points should be more useful. Perhaps points can be traded for guild exclusive equips or scrolls, given out to each guild member (untradeable of course). Buffs should be changed from a measly 1% bonus exp to 10% and as more members are online this increases. Rewards should be given for having an active guild [encourages more people to come online].
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    One of the reasons transportation became a thing of the past is because of player complaints, having to wait 15 minutes or half an hour to travel between continents, with the ride taking 5 - 10 minutes themselves. Add to those the chances of disconnections and it sometimes would take an hour just to go to some places. It's sad that interaction between players has become so miniscule, but Nexon is not entirely to blame for that.

    Like many other players, I do miss exploration and some of the huge maps with unmarked hidden streets.

    It's a shame you spent so much effort on this. Even if they were to implement your ideas, it wouldn't be for many more months from now. Maple needs help NOW. Your server population numbers show that only around 16,000 players are on at peak hours and there has been dwindling interest in the game ever since the stupid Unleashed patch which gave GMS all the horrible content that KMS got despite the negative feedback and huge population drop they had.

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    I praise you for making such a post like this. But you know, so many threads of more than exceptional quality have been made like this, and you know how many suggestions were implemented? Zero. It's honestly such a shame that you spent so much time writing and creating this to give your reasonable and wonderful suggestions. I, for one, agree with everything that you said and your suggestions were more than reasonable and just simply great.

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    The amount of effort put into this thread is incredible! Sad part is though, the GMs would rather address the Pokemon thread instead of these kind of issues. Even still, nice work. ^^

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    I felt like I needed to comment due to the amazing effort and job you have done. All the greetings from the respectful players. I will contribuite as well as a high level player.

    As a high level player, I always try to train in the best place as it is the most logical choice, and that is 'Warrior Grounds' in Twilight Perion and mobs are Golems. What is the problem? The problem is that they only give 20% EXP per member, and due to that, It's hardly worse to play in party, you do win a lot of less EXP, that is making the players to play Alone/Single in 200+ till the end... for now.

    Nexon should buff golems to 50% EXP per member, to recover the social and meaning of the party for the high level players. Hall of Honor from Henesys Ruins has this system, but in level 200, Twilight Perion is a lot better.

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    I think everyone here can agree that with the amount of effort and thought you put into this thread, you deserve a big batch of cookies and two thumbs up from each of us.

    To stay on topic though, I agree with this thread.

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    Agree 100%. I'm sick of this EASY MODE MapleStory. Where's the real game? Where's the beef? Show me the money!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KittyKitty View Post
    Show me the money!
    That was a poor choice of words, all things considered.

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    You really put a lot of effort into this. Kudos to you.

    And you're right. There's a lot of ways you can fix this game. Still there's hardly any hope they'll listen to you, even given how nicely you put it.

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    This is a very well developed masterpiece. Victoria island really needs a revamp. Tbh I didn't like singapore being revamped to 150s as it the exp just isn't good to train there as I'm only getting 4% per hour and easily got bored and left, they should change it back to it being a level 90 place. I liked the old accuracy better then Big Bang accuracy as the miss rate for being below a mobs level is ridiculous. Those are good suggestions but I don't see how Nexon is gonna even bother doing this as they don't care about the game much.
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